The bison has long shaggy brown fur, a mane and beard under its chin and a long tail with a tuft of hair at the end. It has a big head with short black horns and a hump on its shoulders.

Bacon Cheddar Sausage - Local

    • Calories: 124
    • Protein: 17 grams
    • Fat: 6 grams
    • Saturated fat: 2.5 grams
    • Carbs: less than 1 gram
    • Iron: 13% of the Daily Value (DV)
    • Selenium: 31% of the DV
    • Vitamin B12: 68% of the DV
    • Zinc: 35% of the DV
    • Vitamin B6: 19% of the DV
    • Niacin (vitamin B3): 28% of the DV

    Bison, which is high in protein, B vitamins, and certain minerals, boasts a favorable nutritional profile.