The Brisket is the front portion of the beef breast that lies between the front legs. Brisket is the cut of choice for Texas slow-smoked pit-cooked barbeque. When it comes down to it, a properly slow-smoked brisket is as good as it gets in the beef world.

Brisket can be braised (like a pot roast), poached (like for corned beef), or hot-smoked (like for southern-style barbeque). There are more opinions and debates about how to properly smoke a brisket than any other cut; in our opinion, best results come from brining for 24 or more hours (the brine being a salt-based mixture that is best applied if injected into the brisket with a needle), dry rubbing with a nice mixture of spices, then slow grilling for 10 to 15 hours at around 180-200F. The brisket is ready when it is falling apart or “fork tender”.

Beef Brisket - Certified Angus Beef

  • Compared to meat from other cattle, Angus beef develops with excellent marbling. Marbling is the level of the intramuscular fat. Marbling has an effect of enhancing tenderness, flavor, and keeping the meat moist when it’s cooking, especially at high temperatures. Beef is often graded according to their marbling ability, with the highest marbling degree given to the Prime and AAA grades.