The Tenderloin is by far, the most tender cut of steak. Most times, you won't need a knife to cut through a Tenderloin steak. It's price point has more to do with ease of cooking and eating, than pure flavour; most Tenderloin recipes call for a flavourful finishing sauce such as Bordelaise or Madeira.

Because the tenderloin muscle is fairly small in diameter, our standard thickness is about 2" which gives you a steak approximately 5-8oz. "Chateaubriand" refers to the fattest end (i.e. back end) of the Tenderloin, directly above the Top Sirloin. "Filet Mignon" technically refers to the tiniest end (i.e. front end) of the Tenderloin.

8oz Tenderloin Steak - Certified Angus Beef

  • Compared to meat from other cattle, Angus beef develops with excellent marbling. Marbling is the level of the intramuscular fat. Marbling has an effect of enhancing tenderness, flavor, and keeping the meat moist when it’s cooking, especially at high temperatures. Beef is often graded according to their marbling ability, with the highest marbling degree given to the Prime and AAA grades.