The harmony of our 6oz hamburger pattie layered with the crispy sweetness of tomatoes, perfectly melted Thornloe cheese on top and seasoned with timeless, yet excellent counterpoints of ketchup and mustard will send you back to a 1970s backyard party. Somehwere you will want to stay until you have enjoyed every last succulent bite of these cacophony of flavours. Add a crunchy caesar salad on the side to add in extra greens and enhance your dinner experience.


This Meal Kit comes with everything you need to make a healthy meal with 3 people. This recipe uses 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised Ground Beef and locally sourced produce, LOCAL First and Always Quality. We assume you have basic kitchen tools, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Please note that allergy preferences and substitutions cannot be accommodated.

Big Breakfast Bag

  • SERVES: 3 Burgers

    1, 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised 6oz Beef Patties

    3, Locally Baked Classic Burger Buns

    1, Package Sliced Elmiras Own Tomato (ON)

    1, Package Borealis Fresh Farms Lettuce (LOCAL) 

    1, Package Thornloe Swiss Sliced Cheese 

    1, Package Maple BBQ Sauce (ON)

    1, Package Homemade Style Mustard

    1, Package of Ketchup

    1, Package of Dill Pickles