A dry Italian salami, which generally consists of equal parts of pork and beef, however it can be produced with all pork meat. This product may also be referred to as cacciatore (translated into hunterin Italian), cacciatoro, or salame milanese.

Cacciatore Salami - MASTRO

  • Average Per Serve 50gm Average Per 100gm
    Energy 702kj 1400kj
    Protein 12.3g 24.6g
    Fat Total 13.0g 26.0g
    Fat Saturated 3.3g 6.6g
  • After the first week of hanging, drop the humidity to 70 to 80 percent. On the third week drop it again to 65 to 70 percent and hold it there until a total of 5 to 10 weeks has elapsed since the salami went into the chamber.