Our grain fed cattle from Pure Island Beef in Manitoulin Island are raised under free-range conditions whenever seasons permit. Their abundant pasture lands grow many species of native plants with limestone bedrock never far away. It's a combination that has earned Manitoulin a century-long reputation for exceptional livestock.  These two exceptional Black Angus animals are from our herd grazing on the regrowth of an alfalfa hay field. They also provide free-choice access to shelter when our cattle aren't grazing. You can enjoy Pure Island beef guilt-free. The cattle are happy.

All Beef Sausage - AAA, Certified Angus Beef

  • Compared to meat from other cattle, Angus beef develops with excellent marbling. Marbling is the level of the intramuscular fat. Marbling has an effect of enhancing tenderness, flavor, and keeping the meat moist when it’s cooking, especially at high temperatures. Beef is often graded according to their marbling ability, with the highest marbling degree given to the Prime and AAA grades.