Sun-dried tomatoes are ripe tomatoes that lose most of their water content after spending a majority of their drying time in the sun. These tomatoes are usually pre-treated with sulfur dioxide or salt before being placed in the sun in order to improve colour and appearance.Typically, tomatoes spend 4–10 days in the sun in order for the sun-drying process to be complete. Cherry tomatoes will lose 88% of their initial (fresh) weight, while larger tomatoes can lose up to 93% during the process. As a result, it takes anywhere from 8 to 14 kilograms of fresh tomatoes to make a single kilogram of sun-dried tomatoes.

Mild Cheddar Cheese with Sundried Tomato & Basil - Block - Thornloe

  • Calories 416
    Protein 25.4
    Carbohydrate 0.1
    Fat 34.9
    Fibre 0