The Moo Meat Bag is an all beef package typically feeding two to three adults per week, depending on appetites and cooking habits. You can customize this bag for free by either creating substitution pairings (e.g. ground turkey for turkey sausage) or by shopping at The Urban Farm Market instead.


C$90.00 Regular Price
C$74.99Sale Price
  • -2, 1 lb 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised Ground Beef

    -2, 1 lbs 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised Stewing Beef

    -1, (3) 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised 6oz Beef Patties

    -2 Premium 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised Steaks

    (t-bone, porterhouse, wing or rib)

    -2.5 lbs 100% Pure LOCAL Pasture Raised Roast

    (round or cross rib)


    We deliver throughout the Timmins and Area.