Italian dressing is a vinaigrette-type salad dressing in American and Canadian cuisine that consists of water, vinegar or lemon juice, vegetable oil, chopped bell peppers, sugar or corn syrup, and a blend of numerous herbs and spices (including oregano, fennel, dill and salt). Onion and garlic can also be used to intensify the dressing’s flavor. 

Parmesan Herb Italian Dressing

    • Amount % Daily Value
      Calories 0  
      Fat 0 g 0%
      Saturated 0 g 0%
      +Trans 0 g  
      Cholesterol 0 mg  
      Sodium 60 mg 3%
      Carbohydrate 0 g 0%
      Fibre 0 g 0%
      Sugars 0 g  
      Protein 0.1 g  
      Vitamin A 0%
      Vitamin C 0%
      Calcium 0%
      Iron 0%