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Our Cattle Farmers

Our farmers at Pure Island Beef and Black River Country Farm raise Angus cattle on their family farms located in Manitoulin Island and Val Gagne. Our joint mission is to provide exceptional dry-aged pasture raised Angus Beef for people who care about the taste, quality and production of their food.


No beef ever reaches its full potential for flavor or tenderness without weeks of dry aging and we intentionally raise cattle so it can be aged this long. Only the best Black Angus Beef carries The Urban Farm name.

Our Poultry Farmers

Country Poultry Processing has been raising poultry in Wallenstein, Ontario, near St. Jacobs since 1996. They are a small scale Mennonite farm and believe in raising our chicken in a clean and humane environment.


All of the birds are grown slowly and in a natural way to get the model meat chicken. They are fed balanced feeds without growth hormones and antibiotics, to give them extra time to achieve the ideal weight without compromising their health and quality of life.

Our Pig Farmers

We our excited that our Mennonite pork farmers from New Liskeard, ON., strive to provide our pigs with as much fresh air and abundant space to roam as possible, preferring to shelter rather than confine them. Even on the coldest, snowiest days, the pigs seem happiest outside as long as they have a dry and warm shelter to retreat to when they’re ready to come in. 


They are fed on nutrient rich pasture, with the same care and kindness we lavish on all of our animals, and with zero antibiotics, steroids, or synthetic hormones.